The Artists


Responsible for so much awesomeness from our very beginnings.  Cody brought the World War One Series to life, the first series ever created by Little War Horse. He also loaned his genius to our Sea Horse Summer Series. A free lance artist based out of Austin, TX, he blows minds wide open with his ridiculous skills. Check out what he's made of at We love him more than words.


That's right, twinning is happening on our artistic team. Lance is the talent behind many of our current event Little War Horse pieces, including the ultimate fan favorite, the George Morris Tribute tee. The reputability of his images create new fans of equestrian sports. We have seen it with our own eyes! Based out of Austin, TX he is a freelance illustrator and writer, and creator of the hugely popular web based comic "For the Title". Check him out at He's the bees knees.



Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Eilif is a carpenter, axe thrower, bike builder, and SURPRISE, a killer artist for Little War Horse! His "Revenge" piece is an all time favorite, depicting the symbolism of horses showing their worth over modern technology in warfare. Every piece is a bit of dark whimsy paying homage to the history and future of the war horse.


A Texas native who calls Portland, Oregon home, Leslie is a master of script and a slave to her kitty, The Dude. For all the people on the "words on shirts" train, she helped create our LAME tee. She's hilarious. She is also the brilliant brain behind our sweet Metal Pony.  She dedicates all her horsey designs to the biggest horse lover she knew, her sister, Haley Dawn, RIP.